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Things you should
know about mosquitos
and control

NOsquito Facts & Tips

Summer is synonymous with many things: baseball, fireworks and unfortunately, mosquitoes, which can ruin a summer barbecue faster than a rotten hamburger.

The good news is you don’t have to run for cover every time the sun goes down. With a little preventive maintenance and monitoring, you can gain the upper hand and achieve a mosquito-free yard.

Mosquito Breeding Spots

Here are the most common places mosquitoes might be laying eggs in your yard:

1. Your Gutters
If your gutters are clogged, water can pool there, making a perfect breeding ground.

2. Your Kids’ Toys
An inch or two of water is perfect for mosquitoes to lay eggs.

3. Your Bird Bath
Change out water weekly to avoid providing a breeding ground.

4. Your Flower Pots
Not just in the pot, but in the saucer or under it. Add an absorbent corkboard circle under the pot or move it so it gets better drainage.

5. Your Rain Barrel
If the water isn’t used multiple times per week, it’s a perfect nesting spot. Add on a drip oil can to keep it moving without wasting water.

6. Your Trees
If your tree has knots that can collect water, a mosquito can lay eggs there. A specialist can help you determine how to prevent pooling in those spots.

7. Your Bushes and Shrubs
Plants, especially dense ones, can create areas for water to pool both in and around them, plus mosquitoes can actually feed on nectar from flowers as well. Thin dense shrubbery to allow for airflow.

8. Your Yard’s Low Spots
Any holes dug by kids or dogs, or even just lower points without good drainage are prime breeding spots. Fill them in, level them out, or drain regularly if you can’t prevent water from gathering.

9. Your Dog’s Bowl
If Spot’s water bowl isn’t refreshed at least every three days, it’s being filled with soon-to-be mosquitoes. Refresh the water often. Spot will thank you too.

I’ve been really impressed by the results since starting with Weiss this past spring. I had a mosquito problem- big time. In a few short weeks a large drop in the presence and annoyance of mosquitos was obvious. I also like that I can speak with the owner and ask questions and I don’t feel like he’s just trying to sell me all the time. He just wanted to ensure I could enjoy my outdoor entertainment space again!

Derrell W. Lombard IL