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The NOsquito Program

Fight the Bite with our proven Mosquito Barrier Program and find out the reason why we call it the NOsquito plan- Sign up for this program and enjoy your lawn and outdoor spaces again! Mosquitoes can make being outside miserable: they bite and can spread disease. No need to be stuck inside this summer the NOsquito guys have the solution.

Perimeter Pest Control

Perimeter Pest Control is the very best way to control insects and spiders from getting into your home. Our 7-Step barrier spray will prevent insects from entering your home before they even have a chance. We will spray the foundation and ground near the foundation as well as the eaves and soffits that are ten feet tall or under. We use environmentally friendly products to accomplish this, our perimeter pest control will not get rid of every insect but will give you a 90 percent reduction without any need for pesticide spray inside your home.

We get phenomenal results with our mosquito barrier sprays and it begins working immediately after the spray with our safe, environmentally friendly, and effective mosquito sprays you won’t be stuck inside this summer because of those pesky uninvited lawn guests. With our proven program you won’t be the one running from the lawn, the mosquitoes will be the ones running from your lawn!

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    I’ve been really impressed by the results since starting with Weiss this past spring. I had a mosquito problem- big time. In a few short weeks a large drop in the presence and annoyance of mosquitos was obvious. I also like that I can speak with the owner and ask questions and I don’t feel like he’s just trying to sell me all the time. He just wanted to ensure I could enjoy my outdoor entertainment space again!

    Derrell W. Lombard IL